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4 Things to remember before taking physics as a career

Like every student who wished to study about the secrets of the world around you and this universe would eventually go for a graduation in Physics or subjects related to that. However, Soon after graduation you might feel a strong grip over your neck due to the confusion arising from choosing to study more or to look for a job. Post-graduation is a big thing and Ph.D is so serious. Nobody would go into those field unless they want to make it as their career. Most of the successful candidates after Ph.D will live a life with high esteem. 

before taking physics as a career

The problem arising in this field is the lack of knowledge on career opportunities that will benefit you and lack of understanding on how to seize it when the time comes. Below, I will explain few things that will be highly helpful for the aspirants who wishes to make their passion come true as career in research and development. 

1. Know your field of expertise

Having a lot of degrees or money with you won't buy you a good future, but a skill would. For you to shine in any field, you should have expertise in at least one skill. A job is technically a task to be done; If you are skill enough for doing a particular task - say, Plotting a graph, visualizing a given data, problem solving skill in particular section etc, you will be needing for that work. That need is what you have to exploit to get a secure job in your area. Neither degrees, nor qualifications would help you for that. 

2. Types of jobs

You might have selected your particular field for study for many reasons such as curiosity passion ambition etc. But when it comes to a job you should always understand that they are not made for the sake of your comfort. Rather they are created for delivering certain needs in time. If you are so passionate in physics research and making it as a career, you should always know what are the jobs that are being currently done in that field. What are the types of opportunities that is existing right now and what will be the opportunities that might arise in near future, for the next 25 years. Once you listed on all the possible opportunities next thing you have to do is to look for the best institutes which recruits for this kind of works. A very good example for this is hospitals medical physics is required, where radiation physics is required etc.

3. Passion versus Career

Its very difficult to find a career which is successful, unless it becomes your passion. It is very difficult to find a career which will eventually becomes your passion. However, though it is difficult enough, making your passion a career opportunity is the best thing you can do. It might take time, a lot of effort and energy, It will test your patience; but once you succeed in it, then you don't even need a backup plan for your life. When we speak of a passionate career in physics, you should have what I mentioned above: Expertise.
Expertise makes it simple for you to carry out a task and it will eventually help master it. Once you master your skill, then you are of high value and you become an asset to the physics community. It's not about the knowledge base or quality and quantity of knowledge, but it is about how you manage them. You management skill are what you need to develop before making physics as a career. Because, being passionate and curious isn't enough, but a lot of patience, hope and confidence too.

4. Mental Health care

One last thing, I would like to mention is about the mental health. For a career in physics, you need good math skills, intuitive and interpretive insights. However, if you are stressed and exhausted it will be almost impossible for you to even take a single step. So, keep your mind cool and free to wander wherever you want to. Practice to let it be less affected by anything that goes around you. Multitasking is good thing for a time bound activity, but in physics you need the long-term deep thoughts, ahead of your own time. 

I have only briefed about some things which is to be taken care of when making Physics a your career and Research as a profession. feel free to give your recommendations.

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