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6 Tricks to write awesome manual answers for Chegg - Subject experts

Chegg is a multinational company which offers educated scholars to help people with scholarly needs via answering questions and helping to study. Though it has become so popular, many of the people are unknowingly getting rejected due to the low performance in their activity. The quality of their answers and methodology seems fine, but they are missing some technical points. In here, I am going to explain the things which you should take care of answering manually - Writing in own hands and uploading the image.

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1. Image Background quality

When you write answers, make sure that you don't write it on any scrambled paper, but a clear white paper with no other markings or impressions on it. After writing the answer, make sure that there is no unwanted or irrelevant object in its background like Ink Spread, Scribbling etc. After that, while clicking the image, always include the white background; If it is difficult, crop your photo in such a way that, the unnecessary items on the background like your pen, table, books etc aren't visible.

2. Clicking the written image

While clicking the image, you have to be very careful to not let any shadows pose over the paper. Shadows creates bad impression of your sincerity. If it is day time, use very well lit windside; If it is night time, use well illuminated light source, preferable a table lamp would too do good. The most important thing you have to take care is about the resolution of the texts you have written. Never give a chance for the autofocus system of your camera to not focus on some areas; Make sure that the image is complete focused everywhere and every text is equally qualitatively visible.

3. Handwriting styles

It is very important that you should keep a very good handwriting in the image. There is two hours to find the answer and write it down. Take your time and write it slowly. Don't make a scribble or mistake in spelling. If you did, please take another paper and write from the beginning. Spelling mistake from a scholar is not appreciated and will seriously impact only our CF score. If you have problem with cursive writing, use non-cursive letter by letter writing. There is no grading to analyse your handwriting quality, so you only have to make sure that it is neat, professional, readable for every age category who knows english.

4. Typed answers versus Written answers

There is a psychological connection between your writing style, your notes and yourself. But it is quite opposite for another person to have that attachment to your writing style. So, not to spoil the difficulty in interpreting the designs, it is always better to stick onto general way of presenting answer, which is by typing them. You have a very good writing box with almost all the functions necessarily needed to format the document, including the Latex code snippet where you can write beautiful equations in Latex typesetting format.

5. Photographic tips

When clicking the image, make sure that you don't include any black coloured parts including shadows. Don't click from too far away, which will impact on your resolutional clarity. Don't click too near, such that the texts or part of the image may get distorted. Buy a tripod stand if it is convenient and affordable. It will help you to get rid of the shadows, which is actually a mess when clicking at night time. This is very important for scholars from India because most of the questions appear at night time as India is in a different timezone.

6. Double side writing

Never ever write on both sides of the paper. I would recommend to use A4 type papers or A4 long notebooks to write the answers. But you shouldn't write on both sides. Always use one side to write the answers and leave the other side empty. After you click the image and upload an answer, then you can use the empty sides for your general calculations and other rough works. Don't conserve the paper usage, because one or two A4 will only costs you less than One Rupee, for which you will be getting more than 50 times payment.

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If you follow these 6 tips to improve your CF score at Chegg, you are definitely going to be a good professional subject expert at Chegg which will give your more credibility and access to other Chegg features and opportunities. Use this information regarding the writing styles for manual answers at Chegg, you will see your CF score getting higher and higher along with your earnings.

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