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Clickworker - MicroJobs that you can do in your smartphone and earn money [without a computer]

This is a continuation of the previous article titled: Click work : Earn money using your smartphone and check your account directly in phone; If you haven't read that, then It is highly suggested to read it before continuing to read this. Because, the only way to understand what's said in this article is to know why we are discussing this in the first place.

MicroJobs that you can do in your smartphone and earn money work from home online jobs in india

As much as modern computing power has increased, there are still many things only humans can do. If you have or need quantities of unstructured data, such as text, photos, or videos, we can help you.

clickworker gets tasks done that computers can’t process, won’t process, (because the cost of programming or equipment is too high) or those you can’t do because you don’t have enough human resources to complete the project on time and on budget.

Here are just a few examples:

1. AI Training Data

2. Text Creation – Writing or editing of simple texts, providing unique content, or search engine optimization

3. Keyword Assignment and Categorization

4. Web Research

5. Product Data Management:

6. Mobile Crowdsourcing – On site creation, collection, evaluation and verification of datas (such as photos, geo codes, addresses) with the use of smartphones and our Clickworker App

7. Online Surveys

8. Taking Surveys

What you Have to Gain:

  1. Quick turnaround of projects/orders when you lack internal resources and funding, saving you time and money.
  2. clickworker services are flexible – use them when you need them.
  3. No administration required. Placing an order is easy and uncomplicated.
  4. Receive your text and data in the format you want.
  5. You have a dedicated client services contact person for all your orders.
  6. We invoice only completed and accepted orders.

You receive only the best-quality results. Each project is processed by vetted and qualified Clickworkers. In addition, we implement systemic quality control mechanisms as requested.

Quality Assurance

Using special quality assurance procedures such as statistical process testing, audits and peer review and constantly evaluating all output, we ensure top level results.

In text creation orders, the texts that have been created undergo an automated plagiarism control and are checked for keyword density compliance and job instructions; they can also be proofread on request.

Our Clickworkers are evaluated for each job they do for us. For each new job on our platform, the Clickworkers are selected according to training and testing results as well as past performance. These are the quality controls that make clickworker different from other crowdsourcing providers:

These are the quality controls that make clickworker different from other crowdsourcing providers:

  • Assessments
  • Continual rating
  • Job allocation according to the Clickworker’s skills
  • Random spot testing
  • Injected testing
  • Two-man rule
  • Peer-review
  • Majority decision
  • Complex workflow management
  • Plagiarism check of all text
  • Texts are checked by a proofreader

Ready to Register?

We appreciate your time to read all of this. As you have completed the first step of knowing the workplace, it's highly recommended to try this for once. Once you are satisfied, you can continue using it. Use the below link to register and start your work from home online job using your smartphone right now.

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