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Get more questions and CF score in Chegg (Updated 2020)

Subject experts at Chegg might face shortage of questions are certain times like weekends, vacation. Experts, who considers chegg to be a major source of income is facing a big issue here. However, there are remedies by which you can get more questions with absolutely no extra efforts.

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(Last Updated on 24 October 2020)

how to get high cf score in chegg more questions in chegg

How do you get a question?

When a student posts a question to the chegg database, the question is made available for experts to answer. Consider there are 10 questions being available in each hour and there are 100 experts waiting online to answer them. After logging in, the expert have to click the Answering tab to check the availability of the question. If there is no question available, then the subject expert have to wait for a while and open the page again or refreshes the page. When the competition is high, this tiresome process of refreshing become a mess. However, there are some ways which you can utilize to make sure, you get enough questions.

Why do you need to get more number of questions?

When you get some questions, it would be unknown for you, or would be very difficult for you to solve. Then you will skip it and will wait for the next question. During the high competitive times, getting more questions are difficult. If you don't get more questions, then the available questions for you to skip also decreases. This will force you to try answering the available few questions. 

What is the problem with trying fewer questions?

When you try to answer the questions which are less familiar or difficult to solve, then there is a high chance that you will get it wrong. A wrong answer is a doomsday box for your job at any companies like chegg. This will seriously reduce your CF score. Once your CF score is down, there is more probability that you will be on your way to get expelled from the online answering job. So, in order to keep your CF score high, you need to have a bigger pool of questions from which you need to answer the most easy and productive one which you can perform your best.

So, how is it done?

  • How can you increase your CF score in chegg?
  • How do you get more questions from chegg?

Best practices to get more questions and CF Score in Chegg

1. Early bird catches the prey

Most of the customers in chegg are the students from United States. So, you should be aware of when will they ask questions. The time is of serious importance.

There are roughly 7 time zones in United States. In Countries like India there exists only one. So, lets see when do the students from United states posts questions in Chegg.

Usually a student, who has daily classes at schools or colleges will be coming home in the evening, say 4PM and would be sleeping at night, say 10PM. In the below picture, It shows the variation in time zones of 4 different time zones of the United states and their corresponding time in Indian Standard Time. 

how to get more questions in chegg

Here you can see that the red lines indicate beginning and the end of a normal evening-night of the United states, while the blue indicates the beginning and end of those trend. We can see that, It roughly starts from 2AM IST upto 11 AM IST. 

So, that's the time you have to be online. It's difficult for you to spend your night full awake. So, It's recommended that either you sleep late until 3-4 AM or wake early like 5-6 AM and do your work. From the experience, It's recommended to sleep early and wake early at 4AM and be online till 8-9 AM till your breakfast.

2. Answering Page Reloader

Even if you are online on time, it is very difficult for you to wait and refresh the page every time and check for new question. What if you can sit back and enjoy surfing on facebook or whatsapp or watch a movie, while your browser do your job for you?

Tab Reloader is an addon for Google Chrome browser (also available for Mozilla Firefox). Use the Google Chrome browser to login to your chegg dashboard. Install the Tab reloader ( and set the timer to its minimum - 10 seconds. Now, Click on the answering button and you might probably see the below message:

Hello, Expert!

Thanks for your efforts on Chegg Q&A! Unfortunately, there are no questions available in your queue for the moment.
Why aren't there any Questions?

The most likely reason is because of our supply and demand for questions. There are two scenarios:

Then click on the refresher icon of the Tab Reloader in the chrome (Top right position) and Enable reloader. Hurray!
Now your, Chegg page will be reloaded every ten seconds automatically. you don't need to worry about missing a question. 

What if a question appears?

When a question is appeared, go to the Tab Reloader addon icon at the top right and disable it. Read the question, answer or skip it as your interest. After that, switch on the reloader again. 

NB: If a question appears and you failed to disable the refresher in time, the page will reload. Don't Panic! The question won't disappear, it will still be there for the next 10 minutes.

Thanks for reading, Enjoy Chegging.

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