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Meditation, Physics, Fourth dimension, Cosmology

What inspired me to write this article is a question I overheard somewhere. The question was like this : Can we experience the 4th dimension by meditation according to Hindu cosmology?

fourth dimension relativity theory in hindu mythology cosmology

This question might seem so naive, but it could become a seed to a wide variety of hoaxes. Let's examine each things one by. First of all, lets breakdown that question into parts.

Fourth dimension : The mathematics which deals with fourth dimension is described mainly by the Minkowsky equations. It was Albert Einstein who finally proved they could be useful and there exists a fourth dimension in real. It was only then, science accepted the existence of a real and physical fourth dimension.

Meditation : Meditation is a process in which we keep our mental and physical activity minimum and only letting our mind to do the process of thinking. All the energy we were using for every physical and mental activity is now paused and is directed to our brain for functioning the thoughts. The other sense organs are kept at resting stage too. This will help our mind to get more energy, get more time to spend on the brain works, and to think deeper and longer.

Hindu mythology : I hope, i don't need to explain what it is.

Fourth dimension in Hindu mythology : Like every myths, the word dimensions have been used in HIndu mythology too, but is described as the layers in the sky, layers beneath the earth, layers in the heaven and so on. That is nothing even near to the dimension we have in physics and cosmology. And clearly, there is no single religious or other cult books which refers to a fourth dimension as described and quoted by Albert Einstein. 

Meditation in Hindu mythology : The process of meditation has a very old reputation, but majority of the people in India as well as over the world came to hear and use the word as well as practice meditation only happened due to its popularity given by the Buddhism. It was Buddha and his followers who preached meditation as the primary source of knowledge and deeper understanding. In HIndu myths, the meditation was some divine activity done by the saints and god-near people among Asuras as well as Suras.

Hindu Cosmology : Hindu Cosmology is not the Cosmology in Physics. In Physics we can classify Cosmology into two major groups : Physical Cosmology and Quantum Cosmology. Neither of them have any relation with HIndu Cosmology. Hindu Cosmology is currently categorized as one of the Pagan belief about the Universe, which were an ancient approach to what humans saw, what they imagined and what they thought to be true; but they fail to follow the rules of science.

Fourth dimension by meditation : Fourth dimension in modern physics is not something you will get with deeper thoughts or long term thinking. You need to study the mathematics, then you can meditate on how that mathematical equations was formulated and how can we determine their working and other principles behind them. After that, we can try to visualize the fourth dimensional reality. It is mostly non-perceivable because of the complexity our brain have to endure because of the fact that our sense organs can't identify what's fourth dimension yet! It is not sure whether perception of humans are a great important factor to validate science which is the rules of the universe and not of humans.

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