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Subjects needed for a career in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Which are the most important Subjects you need to study when you are being ambitious for a career in Astronomy, Astrophysics or Cosmology?

Subjects you need to study for a career in Astronomy, Astrophysics or Cosmology

This has been a fundamental question among the students since the methodology of academics came into existence. What do you need to study and what sort of equations you need to byheart and what maths you need to know. This is purely outrageous. Because, one cannot predict the basic necessities of any scientific area including cosmology or astrophysics. Before, I will answer these questions, let me first introduce you to the topic.

An Introduction

Astronomy is basically the field of observing sky and recording everything, studying the patterns, occurrences and so and so goes with everything that needs to be observed and studied. Computational techniques rule Astronomy now, so For getting a good career in astronomy, what you need first is a very good base in Programming. 

Which programming?

Python would be the best, easily learnable and more useful. Later on, you will be needing R language and you can catch up easily, if you are through with the python.

Astrophysics is the study of physics on celestial bodies and other sky objects They deal with the physical science of every objects in astronomical sense. They too observe and catalogue data as in astronomy, but the ultimate objective is to study physics behind them and not to observe or predict or find the extrinsic reasons for it's cause. This will include detecting water on planets, detecting chemical composition of newly discovered stars, watching the tidal reactions caused by a star onto its planets and planets onto their moons etc. 

Cosmology is the study of universe as a whole. It can be viewed as the most and largest fundamental field to ever get established. Though they won't benefit the society for today or tomorrow, they will benefit for numerous centuries later. Cosmology deal the whole picture of universe and doesn't care about a star colliding with another star or communal war that's happening on earth. This employs a great deal of mathematics, Simulation generating and programming. Here also, you must know programming very well.

So what subjects to study?

I am strictly against, suggesting a list of necessary subjects, because it is not the subject but your curiosity to know tings that will end up in finding something new and precious.

Subjects you need to study for a career in Astronomy, Astrophysics or Cosmology

For Astronomy : Python, Basic Trigonometry and Geometry, R language (Advanced stage only), A good grasp on the technical side of different telescopes and their working, Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic theory to get a grasp on Optical to radio telescope imaging, Image processing using Open source tools & Linux system usage,Spectroscopy.

For Astrophysics : Advanced Mathematics including Polynomials, Partial and Complete differentials, Geometry, Matlab (For easy simulation), Mathematica (For easy calculations), Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Quantum physics, Fluid and Solid state physics, Nuclear physics, Mathematical physics, FOurier transformations and Special functions, Statistical Physics, Special and General Relativity, Spectroscopy.

For Cosmology : Advanced Mathematics, Highly intuitive thinking ability, Tensor algebra, Linear Algebra, Python programming and Simulation making, Thermodynamics, Quantum physics, Mathematical physics, Topology, Special and General Relativity, High energy physics,Spectroscopy.

As you can see, the most needed subject is Spectroscopy, Computational - Programming, Thermodynamics and Mathematical Physics.

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