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New Free worldwide program on Asteroid Occultation - Observing.

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What is an Occultation?

An occultation occurs when a solar-system body passes in front of a more distant object (e.g. a star or another solar system body), partially or totally hiding the more distant object and momentarily blocking its light. Each occultation can be seen only at the right time and from a limited part of the Earth.  Two basic areas of occultation astronomy:  

1. lunar occultations and   2. Asteroid occultations. 

Introduction to Observing Occultations: Occultation observing is a fun venture that almost anyone with minimal equipment and astronomy background can do, and one which can lead one toward a potential career in astronomy. This tutorial is intended to describe the basics of occultations and the techniques for observing them. It may help the reader decide whether or not to explore interest in one aspect of occultation observing or another.


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