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Aplus Tutors - An Indian Alternative to Chegg Experts - Hiring Work from home Online Part time/Full time Subject Matter Experts

Aplus Tutors - An Indian Alternative to Chegg Experts - Hiring Work from home Online Part time/Full time Subject Matter Experts

This job is particularly for Graduates and Post graduates of the respective fields. THe type of works are given below:

  1. Answer questions which are asked by students
  2. Helping students to complete Assignments
  3. Giving proper clarifications for students over their doubts

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The Best alternative for Chegg Experts Subject matter expert platform 

Aplus Tutors Pvt Ltd is hiring for the post of subject matter experts and mentors for helping our students across the globe.


Subject matter experts are required in the field of 



*Biology and allied disciplines



*Stats and Mathematics

*Physical chemistry


*R , Excel, Python, Java, SAS

*All Engineering Majors


 To be a part of our quality tutors group , please go through with given guidelines.


 There will be two types of sessions and both have different time limits. 

a) Live sessions:

In a live session, you will have to solve the doubts/question as fast as possible within the prescribed time limit and according to the requirement of the student.

These sessions generally have a time limit from 10 minutes to 2 or 3 hours depending upon the nature of the work and requirement of the student

b) Deadline sessions 

This includes home assignments, projects, lab projects, etc.  These sessions have a prefixed time limit to submit the work.

2. Answering

The time, date, and material of the session will be provided to you in advance. You can accept or reject the work based on the reference material provided. The answer should be presentable and based on the requirement of the questions. You can either write or type the answers to the question.

There will "no payment" if the number of correct answers is below 75% for each assignment or given work.

3. Things to know before submission of answers

a. Use of blank white sheets for writing answers, assignments, projects, etc. You should send images only in clearly focused and straight orientation.

b. An incomplete solution or answer will not be accepted.

c. Avoid answer prediction.

d. Use of abbreviation/ short forms is strictly prohibited.

e. "No Plagiarism" ( plagiarised contents will be disqualified immediately)   

Some other Works

If you aren't satisfied on this work, you can choose from a varieties below.

3. Payment methods and Modes

 Payments will be done online through UPI.

To apply online please register yourself on the link provided below:

Apply online/link/button/#3498db

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