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Free Online courses with free certificate [December Update]

The 6 courses listed below are available for free registration and get a certificate on completion. The courses and certificates are provided by Eduonix.

1. 3D Visualization in R - Step by Step eGuide for Beginners

2. Become A Copywriter Pro from Ground Up

3. Speed Math in 40 Minutes - Calculations

4. Python 3 Crash Course

5. Learn Html for beginners

6. R Programming for Absolute Beginners

free online certificate courses

1. 3D Visualization in R - Step by Step eGuide for Beginners

About this Course

Begin with this eGuide for learning how to build 3D graphics using various packages of R programming languages. This eGuide will help you understand the importance and the usage of various packages like plot3d & rgl. Both of these are 3D packages that produce a real time interactive 3D plot. It allows us to interactively rotate, zoom the graphics and select regions.

As far as this eGuide is concerned, it begins with the basic introduction of the 3D visualization, the data set, and other key concepts. Later on, you will install all the essential tools, using data sets, data structure analysis, bivariate analysis, creating a predictive model and so on.

With this eGuide, you will learn:

  • Overview of 3D visualization in R
  • Installation of required libraries
  • Understanding the parameters of the dataset
  • Analyzing different attributes of the data structures
  • Five point summary of data
  • Bivariate analysis, scatter plot, 2 dimension data, predictive model
  • Linear regression, 3D plot visualization, Contour plot & others

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2. Become A Copywriter Pro from Ground Up

About this Course

Have you ever sat down with a book that was written so beautifully that you got lost somewhere within its pages for hours? It seemed like time stood still, while the author was taking you on a journey with such brilliant words that you could not put the book down? That is what a good copywriter does, they manipulate words in a manner that make you feel like you are completely in their control.

This is why copywriters are currently one of the most sought out professionals because of their ability to weave words into a powerful spell that can invoke an emotion from its readers.

For a few people this skill comes naturally when the pen touches the paper, but even some of the best of the bunch have had to learn their skills from scratch. Would you like to learn these well-kept industry secrets? Then look no further than this course!

Our course compiles the knowledge of the brightest writers from the industry and brings you a step by step tutorial on how to become a great copywriter. This course will reveal all the secrets you need to know on becoming a successful copywriter.

By the end of the course, you will have mastered the art of writing with style and flair. This course will also breakdown the knowledge you need to know to get started as copywriter and also how to become a successful copywriter. It will teach you how to adjust your content based on your audience as well as how internet writing differs from print writing.

The course will cover the following sections: -

  • Who Is a Master Copywriter?
  • What is Copywriting? - In order to become a brilliant copywriter, it is essential to know what exactly copywriting is.
  • Attributes of an Effective Copywriter - What skills should you hone in order be a successful copywriter.
  • Knowing the Difference between Good Writing and Good Copywriting - There is a very fine line between good writing and good copywriting and while both of them are in tandem, it is often not necessary that good writing is the same as good copywriting.
  • What Do Experts Say about Master Copywriters? - To become a master copywriter, it is important to do what they do. As they say, imitation is the best flattery.
  • Can Anyone Be a Master Copywriter? - Three secrets that will enable you to be a master copywriter.

Writing Well

  1. Knowing Your Audience - You write because you want people to read, hence it is very important for you to know who you writing for.
  2. Writing with Clarity - Not only should you be able to grasp your audience, but they should also be able to understand what you are trying to say. Learn how to craft clean and understandable copies.
  3. Writing with Simplicity - Simplicity is sometimes the best option as even good writing can become confusing with long sentences and metaphors. Learn how to make your point in the simplest but most elegant way possible.
  4. Finding Your Voice - Learn how to find your niche and establish your brand.
  5. Boredom-Free Writing - Learn how to create copies that are free of boredom
  6. Turning a Passion for Writing into a Profession
  7. Getting Started - Now you know how to write, what is next? Learn how to jumpstart your copywriting career.
  8. Content That Sells - In order for you start making money, you need to learn how to write content that sells.
  9. Knowing Your Goal - When you are copywriting, you have only one goal: conversion. In this video, we discuss conversion tactics and how to craft a call-to-action that converts. ?
  10. Writing for the Internet - Almost all writing is now created keeping the Internet in mind. Here are some tricks to writing that works well online.

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3. Speed Math in 40 Minutes - Calculations

About the course

Easy Math Tricks  Learn them to be a Math Magician

In this Course, we are going to share Five Math Tricks which can help you in Improving Your Calculation Skills in terms of Speed and also a better understanding.

These Tricks are Specific Case Tricks which means that You can not apply them everywhere. Still, with their limitations these tricks can be really helpful if you know when and where to apply them.

This Course is not just a Compilation of Tricks, but also enables you to Observe certain Pattern which Numbers follow. Every Number in Math follows a unique pattern and we just need to understand it and if we can do that we can easily solve various riddles of Math.

This Course will also help in generating Interest towards Math among Students.

This Course can also help students in getting rid of Math Phobia (which is very common these days).

If You are preparing for Competition Exams, then also you must pursue this Course.

Even for the Love of Math you can learn these tricks and can further share with your friends.

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4. Python 3 Crash Course

About this Course

Hello and welcome to the Python 3 Crash Course, 2020 edition! 

This is a high intensity training course for programmers who already know another programming language. If you know Java, C, PHP, JavaScript, or any other language and want to make the leap tp Python.. this is the course for you! 

In this course you will learn several Python topics very quickly. We will start at the very beginning and install Python, execute a .py file from our command line, explore basic math and work with Python variables.

Then we will move onto Python data structures, indexing strings and lists, formatting methods, and file management files.

Lastly we will learn about conditionals, loops, list comprehensions, functions, OOP, error handling and Python packages.

If you are a beginner and you are brand new to Python, that is OK. You can still take this course and get a one hour high level overview of what Python can do and how to write Python. But people who will get the most from this course are intermediate developers or developers from other programming languages who want to learn Python.

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5. Learn Html for beginners

About this Course

HTML is one of the primary requirements to develop a website skeleton. It's easy to use nature makes it famous within the developer community. If you are looking for starting your carrier as a web developer without any prior knowledge of web development, this course is for you.

It first starts by explaining to you the basics of HTML and its importance to web development. It will deep dive into giving a practical demonstration of how can we change the background color and how to use color code for changing the background color. There on after this course will explain how one can add the images in the background using a simple line of codes. After that, this course will explain to you about adding Margins, Heading Tags, and how to align those heading tags. In the end, it will cover the line break and Text formatting tags in detail.

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6. R Programming for Absolute Beginners

About this Course

Anyone who works in data science understands the grueling task they sign themselves up for and how much of an ally R Programming language can be when dealing with tons of statistical data. R is becoming a popular language and environment for building cutting-edge scientific algorithms and intelligent analytics applications.

So, what is R and where you learn it?

R is an open source, free language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It was designed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, and written primarily in C, Fortran, and R and is a GNU package.

R provides a range of statistical and graphical techniques including linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, etc. It also simplifies the process of creating mathematical symbols and formulae, when required.

Now if you want to master this language, you can definitely find numerous courses and tutorials that can help, but we have created the ultimate course that is different from others. Our course includes a step-by-step breakdown of R and everything you would need to start learning this language.

The course will take you from Point A to B and at the end of this course you will have the confidence and experience to start writing codes and structure algorithms by yourself. We have also packed this course with multiple live real-world examples that will help you not only understand the theory behind R, but also how it actually works in application.

No more complicated and confusing resources, or boring teachers that talk over your head. Our instructor not only breaks down R for you, but keeps it light, relevant and to the point and not only equips you with the knowledge but also the exact know-how of working with R.

What will you learn in this course?

  1. What is R, a language and environment and how to install it into your systematic
  2. Getting started with R, including relationship with maths, vectors, arrays and matrices
  3. How to handle data in R, creating lists, data frames, functions and dealing with strings and factors
  4. how to control flow in R, including looping programs
  5. Importing and exporting data into and out of R
  6. How to use and update Date and Time functions
  7. How to handle packages, install them, and maintain them
  8. How to generate graphs such as Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Box Plots, and Scatter Plots

R you ready to learn the hottest statistical programming language and environment with the easiest course yet! Enroll Now and master R!

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