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Kerala Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Physics model questions - Set 10

Kerala Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Physics model questions - Set 10

1. Which isotope is used to detect disorders of blood circulations?

Answer :- Radio sodium

2. In 1921 who designed the modern X-ray tube?

Answer:- Dr.William Coolidge

3. What is the wave length of visible light?

Answer:- 3900 to 7600 Angstrom

4. What energy conversion is happening in photosynthesis?

Answer:- Light energy to Chemical energy

5. A ship floats on water. This can explained by .................

Answer:- Archimedes principle

6. Sun is seen even after sunset. This phenomenon can be explained by which principle?

Answer:- Refraction

7. Which colour of light travels most slowly through glass?

Answer:- Violet

8. Which are the three primary colours used in colour TV?

Answer:- Green, Blue, Red

9. Rockets work on the principle of ...............

Answer:- Conservation of momentum

10. Who invented dynamo?

Answer:- Faraday

11. Which device is used to convert sound waves into electric waves?

Answer:- Microphone

12. Which technique is used to transmit audiosignals in television broadcast?

Answer:- Frequency modulation

13. This type of glass is used for optical lenses. It contains cerium oxide which have the property to cut the Ultra Violet rays harmful to eyes. What type of glass is this?
Answer:- Crooks Glass

14. Becquerel is the unit of........
Answer:- Radio active decay

15. Which instrument is used to measure the hardness of materials
Answer:- Sclerometer

16. A vehicle silencer works on which principle of the sound wave?
Answer:- Destructive Interference

17. Which physical property of the minerals is indicated by the Mohs Scale?
Answer:- Relative Hardness

18. Which international observance is on 23rd October from 6:02 Am to 6:02 Pm?
Answer:- International Mole Day

19. What are known as 'the wonder child of electronics?
Answer:- Transistors

20. What is the percentage of carbon present in the diamond?
Answer:- 100%

21. What is detected by the Wilson Cloud Chamber?
Answer:- Ionising Radiation

22. Which is the antiparticle of electron?
Answer:- Positron

23. Which medical technique uses positron for imaging?
Answer: PET scan (Positron Emission Tomography)

24. Which technology is being used for MRI Scan?
Answer: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

25. Which radiation is used in a CT Scan?
Answer: X-Rays

26. Which phenomenon causes Secondary rainbow?
Answer: Multiple internal reflection (in Water droplets)

27. Which doesn't have the order of VIBGYOR but ROYGBIV, Primary or secondary rainbow?
Answer: Secondary rainbow

28. What historic phenomenon inspired the literary critics to adopt the word revolution for unexpected social protests?
Answer: Introduction of Revolutionary Heliocentric model by Copernicus

29. Who invented calculus as per date?
Answer: Leibnitz

30. Who proposed the idea that electricity can be transported via earth instead of metal wires?
Answer: Nikola Tesla

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  1. Please give syllabus based practice questions and mock tests on scientific officer Physics kpsc


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