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Kerala Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Physics model questions - Set 7

 Kerala Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Physics model questions - Set 7

181. India launched its first artificial satellite on April 19, 1975, from Kapustinyar in:

(a) Kazakhstan (b) Russia

(c) Ukraine (d) Uzbekistan

Answer: (b)

182. The colour of the Black box in aeroplanes:

(a) Red (b) Orange

(c) Green (d) Blue

Answer: (b)

183. The first satellite launched by USA in 1958:

(a) Sputnik (b) Skylab

(c) Explorer-I (d) Challenger –I

Answer: (c)

184. Gravitational force is minimum in:

(a) Poles (b) Equator

(c) Temperate region (d) None of these

Answer: (b)

185. The process of conversion of one element into another:

(a) Reduction (b) Oxidation

(c) Transmutation (d) Migration

Answer: (c)

186.The author of Around the World in 80 Days?

(a) Arthur C Clarke (b) Joules Verne

(c) Darwin (d) Richard Rhodes

Answer: (b)

187. Who wrote Silent Spring?

(a) HG Wells (b) Rachael Carzon

(c) Arthur C Clarke (d) Newton

Answer: (b)

188. The theme of Silent Spring?

(a) Environmental pollution (b) Atom Bomb

(c) Ozone depletion (d) Flood

Answer: (a)

189. The nature of the Chemical Bond  was authored by:

(a) Linus Pauling (b) Marie Curie

(c) Stephen Hawking (d) Frederick Sanger

Answer: (a)

190. The Principia Mathematica is a three-volume work on the foundations of mathematics, written by Alfred North Whitehead and..........

(a) Bernard Shaw (b) Bertrand Russel

(c) Isac Newton (d) Russel Wallace

Answer: (b)

191. Who authored Naturalis Principia Mathematica?

(a) Einstein (b) Isac Newton

(c) Arthur C Clarke (d) Darwin

Answer: (b)

192. In which year Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica was published?

(a) 1687 (b) 1787

(c) 1637 (d) 1867

Answer: (a)

193. The Descent of Man  was written by:

(a) Isac Newton (b) Charles Darwin

(c) Mendel (d) Linus Pauling

Answer: (b)

194. The Principles of Mathematics is a book written by ......... in 1903.

(a) Bertrand Russell (b) Huxley

(c) Bernard Shaw (d) Newton

Answer: (a)

195. Who wrote the book Cosmos?

(a) Carl Sagan (b) Arthur C Clarke

(c) Huxley (d) Hawking

Answer: (a)

196. Who wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

(a) Joules Verne (b) Stephen Hawking

(c) Isac Newton (d) Russel

Answer: (a)

197. Who wrote The Origin of Species?

(a) Charles Darwin (b) Lamarche

(c) Johanson (d) Gregor Mendel

Answer: (a)

198. In which year The Origin of Species was published?

(a) 1850 (b) 1860

(c) 1859 (d) 1879

Answer: (c)

199. Who wrote The Time Machine?

(a) Hawking (b) Arthur C Clarke

(c) HG Wells (d) Joules Verne

Answer: (c)

200. The author of The Invisible Man?

(a) Carl Sagan (b) HG Wells

(c) Arthur C Clarke (d) Huxley

Answer: (b)

201. The author of Journey to the Center of the Earth :

(a) Arthur Conal Doyle (b) Joules Verne

(c) Aldous Huxley (d) Arthur C Clarke

Answer: (b)

202. Rendezvous With Rama  was written by:

(a) Arthur C Clarke (b) Stephen Hawking

(c) Joules Verne (d) Carl Sagan

Answer: (a)

203. 2001: A Space Odyssey was written by:

(a) George Orwell (b) Carl Sagan

(c) Arthur C Clarke (d) Hawking

Answer: (c)

204. Who is the author of the book The Voyage of Beagle?

(a) Einstein (b) Charles Darwin

(c) Arthur C Clarke (d) Alfred Russel Wallace

Answer: (b)

205. The author of Jurassic Park:

(a) Michael Crichton

(b) HG Wells

(c) Arthur Conal Doyle

(d) Aldous Huxley

Answer: (a)

206. The author of a brief History of Time?

(a) Joules Verne (b) Stephen Hawking

(c) Isac Newton (d) Russel

Answer: (b)

207. Who wrote 1984?

(a) George Orwell (b) Carl Sagan

(c) Hawking (d) Chomsky

Answer: (a)

208. Who wrote Brave New World?

(a) Joules Verne (b) Arthur C Clarke

(c) Aldous Huxley (d) HG Wells

Answer: (c)

209. Who wrote The Lost World?

(a) Michael Crichton (b) HG Wells

(c) Arthur Conal Doyle (d) Aldous Huxley

Answer: (c)

210. The author of The Double Helix?

(a) Watson and Crick (b) Darwin

(c) Johanson (d) Huxley

Answer: (a)

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