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Kerala PSC Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Biology model questions - Set 5

Kerala PSC Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Biology model questions - Set 5


131 Pulse polio program is for children under the following age group

Answer: 5 years

133. Which is the most abundant element found in an animal cell?

Answer: Oxygen

134. World cancer day is observed on –

Answer: February 4

135.The main function of vitamin C –

Answer: provide immunity 

136. Which animal has the milk with the highest fat content?

Answer: Rabbit

137. The horn of Rhinoceros is the modification of:

Answer: Hair

138. Which animal has the largest ear?

Answer:  Elephant

139. Which animal is known as ‘ship of the desert’?

Answer: Camel

140. Which animal makes the loudest sound?

Answer:  Blue Whale

141. Which has the largest mouth among the vertebrates in the land?

 Answer: Hippopotamus

142. Which mammal has the fastest heartbeat rate?

Answer: Blue Whale

143. The animals live by eating bamboo leaves only:

Answer:  Panda

144.The first animal to up in space:

Answer: Dog

145.The mammal that makes the longest migration:

Answer: Grey Whale

146. The only creatures that have flaps around their ears.

Answer:  Mammals

147....... is caused by increasing the length of the eyeball:

Answer: Myopia

148. The eardrum is also known as:

Answer: Tympanum

149. The human ear can generally hear sounds with frequencies between 20 Hz and ......Hz.

Answer: 20000

150. Hypermetropia is otherwise known as:

Answer: Farsightedness

151.In which part of the eye, image is formed?

Answer: Retina

152.The land animal that produces the largest amount of milk:

 Answer: Elephant

153.The largest among the cattle family:

Answer:  Wild Boar

154.The largest carnivorous animal:

Answer: Sperm Whale

155.The largest mammal in the land: African

Answer: Elephant 

156.The loudest land animal:

Answer: Howler monkey

157.The mammal that can hear the highest frequency:

Answer: Bat

158.The number of teeth of an elephant:

Answer: 4

159.The only animal in a cat family that is a social animal:

Answer:  Lion

160.The strongest mammal:

Answer:  Elephant

161.The symbol of the World Wild Life Fund:

Answer:  Panda

162. Which animal has a layer of fat in its body called ‘Blubber’?

Answer: Blue Whale

163. Myopia can be rectified by:

Answer: Concave lens

164. The condition in which the elasticity of the eye lens reduces due to ageing is known as:

Answer:  Presbyopia

165. The defect due to the lens of the eye became opaque:

Answer: Cataract

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