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Kerala PSC Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Biology model questions - Set 3


Kerala PSC Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Biology model questions - Set 3

61. Human Heart is enclosed by a sac known as the

(a) Atria (b) Chordae tendineae

(c) Pericardium (d) Aorta

Answer: (c)

62. Acid Rain is produced by

(a) Excess NO₂and SO₂ from burning fossil fuels.

(b) Excess production of NH₃ by industries

(c) Excess release of CO by incomplete combustion

(d) Excess formation of CO₂ by combustion and animal respiration

Answer: (a)

63. A bone is connected to muscle with the help of

(a) Ligament (b) Cartilage

(c) Tendon (d) None of these

Answer: (c)

64. Which of the following blood groups enable a person to give to any person?

(a) A (b) B

(c) AB (d) O

Answer: (d)

65. Fluoride pollution mainly affects

(a) Brain (b) Heart

(c) Teeth  (d) Kidney

Answer: (c)

66. Chernobyl nuclear tragedy occurred in

(a) April 1986 (b) August 6, 1945

(c) August 9, 1945 (d) December3, 1984

Answer: (a)

67. About 70% of the total global carbon is found in

(a) Oceans (b) Forests

(c) Grasslands (d) agroecosystems

Answer: (a)

68. Which of the following is an egg-laying mammal?

(a) Kangaroo      (b) Duck-billed Platypus

(c) Penguin       (d) Whale

Answer: (b)

69. Diabetes Insipidus occurs due to the hyposecretion of

(a) Thymosin (b) Oxytocin

(C) Insulin (d) Vasopressin

Answer: (b)

70. “The Inheritance of Acquired Characters” was proposed by

(a) Lamarck (b) Darwin

(c) Wallace  (d) Miller

Answer: (a)

71. The deficiency of Vitamin A causes

(a) Night Blindness(b) Cataract

(c) Rickets (d) Pellagra

Answer: (a)

72. Myopia or Near-sightedness can be corrected by

(a) Biconvex Lens    (b)Cylindrical Lens

(c)Biconcave Lens (d)Surgical removal

Answer: (c)

73. Which is the smallest bone in the body?

(a) Malleus (b) Incus

(c) Stapes (d) Carpal

Answer: (c)

74. Which of the following is an Ozone-depleting chemical?

(a) CFC (b) SO₂

(c) CO  (d) CO₂

Answer: (a)

75. The 1992 Earth Summit was held in

(a) Paris (b) New York

(c) Rio de Janeiro (d) Kyoto

Answer: (c) 76. The main function of the white blood corpuscles in the body is:

Answer: To protect the body against disease

77. Platelet survive is stored blood for –

Answer: 24 hours

78. ELISA Test is used for screening –

Answer: AIDS

79. The main source of energy for human sperm is

Answer: Fructose

80. The largest internal organ in the human

Answer: Liver

81. Blood is formed in the human adult by the

Answer: Red bone marrow

82. The largest part of most diets is made

Answer: Carbohydrates

83. Total weight of kidney in human being –

Answer: 150 gm

84. Who is the father of vaccination?

Answer: Edward Jenner

85. The organ commonly injured in abdominal trauma

Answer: Spleen

86. Who is known as the father of tissue culture

Answer: HaberLand

87. Oceanography deals with the study of

Answer: Sea

88. The medulla oblongata is concerned with the control of

Answer: Heartbeat

89. Which disease is called 'Hungry

Answer: Marasmus

90. Muscle fatigue occurs due to the accumulation of

Answer: Lactic acid

91. Name the hormone which helps to ripen fruits

Answer: Ethylene

92. DNA fingerprinting was developed by

Answer: Alec Jeffreys

93. Which is the basic element of life?

Answer: Carbon

94. Where is the headquarter of National Institute of Nutrition?

 Answer: Hyderabad

95. Total number of bones in the neck?

Answer: 7 (seven)

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