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Kerala PSC Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Biology model questions - Set 2


Kerala PSC Police Forensic - Scientific officer - Biology model questions - Set 2

31. The length of the spinal cord is about

A. 60 cm B. 45 cm

C. 90 cm D. 10 cm

Answer:(b )

32. Rabies is transmitted by

A. bugs                          B. flies

C. infected mad dogs  D. mosquitoes

Answer:(c )

33. The excretory organ of the earthworm is

A. ureter  B. kidney

C. nephron D. nephridium

Answer:( d)

34. The upper heart chambers are called

A. atria B. aorta

 C. artery D. ventricles

Answer:( a)

35. Bees are particularly sensitive to

A. red colour  B. ultraviolet light

C. green colour D. no colour

Answer:(b )

36. AIDS is caused by

A. bacteria B. protozoa

C. virus D. helminth

Answer:( c)

37. The rearing of the silkworm is known as

A. apiculture B. sericulture

C. horticulture D. pisciculture

Answer:(b )

38. —— are the blood vessels which carry blood towards the heart.

A. veins B. arteries

C. capillaries D. None of these

Answer:(a )

39. Which vitamin is destroyed by cooking?

A. Vitamin A           B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin D                 D. Vitamin E

Answer:(b )

40. To which group Dolphins belong?

A. mammals  B. fishes

C. turtles D. amphibians

Answer:(a )

41. Dengue fever is spread by

A. dogs                     B. rats

C. Aedes aegypti         D. Anopheles mosquito

Answer:( c)

42. The tusks of an elephant are modified?

A. molars B. premolars

C. incisors D. canines

Answer:(c )

43. The fungal derivative used in the treatment of tuberculosis is

A. anacin B. aspirin

C. streptomycin D. tetracycline

Answer:(c )

44. ——— pairs of spinal nerves are present in the human body

A. 28                     B. 31

C. 35                   D. 42

Answer:( b)

45. Which planet is known as the Earth’s Twin?

A. Mars                      B. Jupiter

C. Uranus                D. Venus

Answer:(d )  

46. The size of the earth was first measured by

A. Isaac Newton               B. Galileo

C. Eratosthenes             D. Copernicus

Answer:(c )

47. The nuclear fuel in the Sun is

A. Uranium                         B. Oxygen

C. Hydrogen                      D. Helium

Answer:( c)

48. X–rays travel with the velocity of

A. positive rays B. sound

C. light D. alpha rays

Answer:( c)

49. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC) is located at

A. Colaba              B. Trombay

C. Malabar            D. Juhu

Answer:(b )

50. The lens used to rectify long sight is

A. convex lens                       B. concave lens

C. Plano concave lens            D. plano-convex lens

Answer:(a )

51. A ribozyme is

(a) a proteinaceous enzyme

(b) a catalytic RNA

(c) an enzyme that helps in ribose synthesis

(d) an enzyme that joins ribose with adenine.

Answer: (b)

52. Genes involved in cancer are:

(a) cancer genes (b) oncogenes

(d) tumour genes (d) regulator genes

Answer: (b)

53. Which of the following disease is caused by Wuchereria bancrofti?

(a) Malaria (b) Filariasis

(c) Diabetes  (d) None of these

Answer: (b)

54. The last case of Small Pox was reported in

(a) 1977 (b)1972

(c) 1980 (d) 1970

Answer: (a)

55. Which of the following disease is now considered eradicated from India?

(a) Small Pox (b) Mumps

(c) Chicken Pox (d) Swine Flu

Answer: (a)

56. ——— is characterized by hydrophobia.

(a) Dengue (b) SARS

(c) Measles (d) Rabies

Answer: (d)

57. OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine) was prepared by

(a) Jonas Salk (b) Sabin et al

(c) Alexander Fleming (d) Louis Pasteur

Answer: (b)

58. Which of the following organs does not produce any digestive enzymes?

(a) Salivary Gland  (b) Pancreas

 ( c ) Liver (d) Stomach

Answer: (c)

59. Widal Test is done to confirm

(a) Malaria (b) Typhoid

(c) Pneumonia (d) Jaundice

Answer: (b)

60. Theory of inheritance was proposed by

(a) John Mendel (b) Charles Darwin

(c) Louis Pasteur (d) Francis Crick

Answer: (a)

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