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Latest Jobs at BYJU's - Science,Maths,English (Updated : January 14, 2020)


1. Associate, Editorial Team – Content Development

If you are someone who…

  1. has a knack for correcting spelling mistakes and can differentiate em dashes from hyphens,
  2. have a deep understanding of grammar and keen attention to detail, enough to know that this sentence should have started with a “has”,
  3. can give valid and concise feedback, such as “This is the funniest JD I have read.”,
  4. is wondering if you are eligible to apply, and also has a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in English or Journalism,

. . . then we’re looking for you! The position is a key part of an editorial team comprised of writers and editors who proof-read and fact-check. We are a fun-loving team and pride ourselves on building world-class products in record time.

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Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to :

  1. Proofreading content to ensure that the text is concise, consistent, and both grammatically and factually correct,
  2. Ensuring that each sentence is easy to read,
  3. Ensuring smooth, logical, and sequential flow of concepts,
  4. Collaborating with designers and writers to get products ready to ship,
  5. Taking ownership of your work and also driving your team’s growth.

How to Apply : If you think this profile is tailor-made for you, and even if it feels like it fits somewhat, then look no further. Reach out by filling in your details below and performing the tasks.

Before you apply for the job, we advise you to download and install “BYJU’S – The Learning App” on the Play Store or App Store to get a better idea of what you would be helping build.

Apply here : BYJU's Content Development Associate

2. Creative Content Writer

We are one of the world’s leading education-media-technology companies and we are making millions fall in love with learning. We are growing our team of writers, to work alongside subject experts, to build engaging narratives.

If you are someone with…

strong conceptual understanding of K-12 content (Maths, Science, Social Studies, Commerce, English)

great communication skills, specifically an ability to explain a concept simply and write in a variety of styles , the ability to visualize content and represent it using storyboards

…then we’re looking for you!

Your job responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

Scriptwriting – Every video and book we create, has a well-researched script. Our scriptwriters weave engaging themes and stories around core academic content, that provides students with an immersive and effective learning experience.

Copywriting – Our copywriters create fresh and innovative copy for marketing material. They work closely with subjects experts, editors and designers to visualize storyboards for the copy they create.

Apply now : Creative content writer

3. Content Developer/Senior Content Developer (Science And Math K-3)

Job responsibilities will be : 

  1. Research, pedagogy design, and scripting for videos and books in your area of subject expertise
  2. Editing and proofreading scripts to ensure consistency in style, quality, and content accurateness
  3. Creating questions, adaptive assessments, lesson plans, and other technology-enabled tools to help students learn via their own personalised learning path.
  4. Leveraging knowledge of common misconceptions and learning deficiencies to build effective learning products
  5. Play-testing our products and incorporating insights from it into the product
  6. Taking ownership of your own growth!

The leadership is invested in your growth as an individual, within and beyond this company. Since ed-tech is a relatively new industry in India, we would appreciate active input from you as to what you would like your role or career to evolve into, so we can help you get there.

If you come with relevant experience, we will mutually come up with a way to best leverage the same.

If you are a fresher, depending upon the initiative you show, in a year’s time, you may be mentoring your own team members and leading centres of excellence (Subjects, Writing, Assessments, Question Types).

Compensation & Other Details:

Compensation is as per industry standards.

We follow a 5-day work week with Saturdays and Sundays off.

Apply now : Content developer (Science And Math K-3)

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