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Free Course on Linear Algebra for Quantum Computing - Register and Enjoy the class for free

Have you wondered what will be our future?

free online course on linear algebra for quantum computing

Machine Learning and Neural networking is progressing so fast that they might unlock the mysteries of brain and even we would build much much complex computers for our ultra modern digital world.

However, the only thing that can help build such computers is the knowledge in quantum physics. The quantum states which will replace the mode of information and communication itself will become our day to day word within a few years.

If you are studying physics or is interested in physics, you wouldn't want to miss the amazing and curiosity flooded interdisciplinary field where the mesmerizing quantum physics and the futuristic digital mathematical computing bullfights for their new hybrid child : The Quantum Computing.

World tech giants like IBM, Google, Microsoft and much more are competing to develop the best super computers and processors to fasten their computing and stuffs. But have you ever thought what helps them to do it? Have you ever thought that you can even discover something like those? Yes, ofcourse. But you would be lacking the beginner's step to start how and where.

That's where the UniPhy team is going to help you get to the next level.

Linear Algebra is the basic mathematical field where you find the basis for everything; literally the basis for everything!!! If you know linear algebra well quantum computing will be at your fingertips; the hardcore complex tensors and gravitational theories will be at your grasp. We can simply say that, Linear Algebra is the next thing you need after Calculus.

Why should you do this free course on quantum computing?

  • Knowledge of future technologies and scientific developments will definitely enhance your employability
  • Start learning quantum computing from the basics - linear algebra is the mathematical language of quantum mechanics upon which quantum computers are based.
  • Classes are live via google meet, admission is completely free
  • Duration of the course will be 3 weeks
  • There is no registration fees or course fees for this

How to join?

It's so simple,

To join the class, please register yourself in the link given below:

About the UniPhy

Uniphy is one of the largest Physics learning platform in India, dedicated entirely to the Physics field. UniPhy provide you the intensive coaching for various physics entrance examinations like IIT JAM, CSIR-JRF/NET, JEST, IISER etc and various competitive examinations. Right now, they have many free courses you can take adjacent to this on CSIR NET and IIT JAM on their website. Use this link to go to their website and grab them all as a bonus with this free course on linear algebra for quantum computing.

For enquiries contact UniPhy through whatsapp here

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