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Online jobs for Indian students in 2021 | Remotasks

Tag images. Transcribe audio. Moderate content. We have many interesting tasks for you to do! English fluency is the only requirement. 

What type of jobs are available?
We have a wide variety of tasks — these are just a few examples. Most focus on providing human insight into text, video, and images.

Online tasking websites remain popular today since they provide “easy money” - and in today’s times, doing straightforward tasks to earn a lot can be a life saver for a ton of people. However, with Remotasks, we don’t just want to provide a means of livelihood for our Remotaskers working from home. Instead, we at Remotasks want to show our Taskers that their work contributes in developing future technologies.

That last statement seems like overreaching, right? Well, not necessarily. In fact, thanks to our projects in Remotasks, our Remotaskers help clients get human feedback on developing tech that can benefit our families and kids in the future. These all boil down to the nature of Remotasks as a platform - and it’s this purpose that separates us from the rest of the crowd, both in the tech scene and online tasking platforms at large.

What's Remotasks?

Remotasks is an online tasking platform focusing on building technologies related to AI (artificial intelligence), neural networks, and machine learning. We work with different companies to help them form tomorrow's smarter gadgets - from self-driving cars to more intelligent AI systems. With our Remotaskers, we help deliver various output to clients that can help them develop their AI projects - this time with our invaluable human input.

However, unlike other online tasking platforms, Remotasks won't force you to do the same tasks over and over again. Thanks to our continuous stream of orders, our Remotaskers can engage in a wide variety of Tasks - from simple orders to more challenging projects.

Think of it as making a pizza delivery robot. In the future, we might see pizza delivery robots populate our neighborhoods - and it’s all thanks to your projects in Remotasks that you can get that Hawaiian pizza.

Easy-to-Learn Tasks, Easy-to-Earn System
We constantly accept hundreds of orders from clients everyday, all of which our Remotaskers can easily access thanks to our website, project layout, and onboarding process. Our Remotaskers don't just "join" us and learn everything on their own. We make it an effort to make everything as easy to understand as possible.

New Remotasks should expect to get onboarded within the next few hours, all geared up and ready to earn. Here's the regular onboarding experience:

  1. Registration, where you’ll join the platform. Make sure you have a PayPal account, as this is where we’ll be sending our payments weekly.
  2. Training, where you’ll get access to our library of learning materials. We have instructions prepared for each task, and our training materials contain demonstrations for you to try out tasks before doing them for real.
  3. Bootcamps, where you can join free live training sessions with Trainers and fellow Remotaskers in order to get advanced tips and tricks on certain tasks.
  4. Tasking, where you can do tasks and projects based on the training you’ve taken. As such, you have control over what kinds of tasks you’ll be getting and how fast you’ll be earning.
  5. Promotions, where we give Taskers the opportunity to level up their earning game by advancing them into senior roles that can help them do more higher-earning tasks.
  6. Payment! As we’ve mentioned, we pay you weekly, so you can see the fruits of your labor quickly without having to get anxious by waiting for your payment.

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In essence, we have Tasks that range across these projects (and how they help into making our pizza delivery robot):

Types of works: 
  1. Image analysis and comparison. We have tasks where we need to draw bounding boxes around different objects to help determine what’s where.
  2. 3D video analysis. We have tasks where we have to label, identify, and annotate 3D data from various sensors. That way, we can help self-driving cars identify obstacles and how they can avoid them.
  3. Categorization. We have tasks where we need to identify keywords that can describe what’s in a text or an image.
  4. OCR transcription. We have tasks where we need to transcribe important content from images such as menus and documents.
  5. Data collection. We have tasks where we need to search the web and collect data on anything under the sun.

Can I use mobile to work?

You can login dashboard using a smartphone, but we discourage you from doing complex tasks like 2D and 3D annotation on any device other than a laptop or desktop computer.

Do we have to pay to use your platform?

Of course not! We don’t charge for working on our platform. However, there is a 2% PayPal transaction fee when we pay out your earnings.

How do I task?

Once you create your account, you’re able to start taking courses in the Remotasks Training Center. After you complete a course and are enabled to work on a project, you can start doing tasks and earning!

How do I get more tasks?

Each project has a specific number of available tasks. Take more courses and get enabled to work on more projects!

What kind of task should I get enabled on?

We have a variety of tasks, such as transcribing text and audio, labeling images, and labeling LiDAR data. We suggest you start with simpler tasks, and then we highly encourage LiDAR and segment annotation tasks since those tend to pay the most and have a steady supply.

What if I'm confused about how to do certain tasks?

We have an active online community where you can get advice on tasks from experienced taskers and Remotasks admins.

How do we earn?

You’re paid per accepted task. The amount paid will vary depending on task complexity. We’ll pay you via PayPal on Thursdays, so please be sure to have a valid PayPal email in your account before Monday 12:00 AM UTC to be eligible to receive payout the following Thursday!

How to withdraw my earnings?

After signing up, please be sure to add a PayPal email on your profile. This is as easy as going to your “Account” page in your Dashboard and entering your PayPal email address and country details. Make sure to save the changes and you’ll be able to receive your payouts the following payday. If you don't have a PayPal account, please visit and get one for free!

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