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Science of Niche and Usability for bloggers

There are a lot of niches but choosing exactly one and working on it is a tough task. There are many reasons for this; The most important of this pile is Niche’s trend.

Understand the Niche Trend

Padanam blog is one of my blogs that I started recently. Although it was started for educational purpose, I changed the blog altogether considering the technical difficulties of working on it and the problem of managing it alone. I started the blog with the aim of providing free learning materials to the learners and slowly shifted to the trend where the learners can do the work. There was another reason behind this.

When the corona virus came and stagnated all over the world, there were a lot of people in front of us who lost their jobs. In addition, there are those who have just finished their academics and those who are still in colleges. It was a very difficult situation for all of them to get jobs. But based on my strong intuition, I gave my blog the title of Online Jobs with Job News, rather than just job information. I did a lot of searching on the internet and put together information on trusted companies that offer good online jobs and put them on the blog. I put it in English to fix seo but it didn't work significantly. So the vast majority of my visitors came through WhatsApp groups.

I do not know why, but it was a good idea. Looking for the right opportunity, understanding the most likely trend and putting up posts. One thing I learned from this is that in addition to choosing the best niche, you also need to think about what kind of niche to choose and when. That's what made me so effective.

Here is what I would like to say today: The niche we chooses, is upon our convenience and knowledge of the field, however it should also be trendy. Starting a blog about ice cream in the winter can be a huge setback. But it's better to blog about ice cream in the summer. More and more people are looking for the topic of how to make ice cream at home, rather than ice cream. A recent trend has been to grow vegetables and flowers at home. It was in this form that many of the corona came and trapped their homes and brought out their creativity. If I had written a blog article looking at it at the time, I would probably have gotten a much better response.
Another fact that needs to be said about Nietzsche is its need and current availability.
Some niches are everlasting, while others become obsolete over time. Let me give you an example. By the time Kovid arrived, there would have been a much better response if Kovid had written on how to defend. But at present, most people do not want to look at writing about immunity, as Kovid's influence in the country as a whole is low. But with a little change in our niche, the headlines on how to make preventive methods daily for people who are Kovid positive will get more attention. This will also reduce the demand from time to time.
So the important thing is to see how much Nietzsche needs. It's just a matter of time. But this is not possible internationally or globally. We can not imagine what the trend is changing in each country. There are many seo tools available for this. It is best to use Google's own Google Analytics and Advertising tools. Many self-help companies have made it a business to provide this service. While everyone basically does the same to keep track of changes and trends, it would be a good idea to seek the help of experts, especially those with experience in the field of blogging.
There are evergreen niches that are needed all the time, all the time. There are many generalizations, such as job news, science fiction, and journalism. One drawback of this is that it can be a very competitive niche. Having a lot of competition means that a lot of bloggers and website content providers are active in this area. So it will not be easy to get into Google search results and it will be too late to see the results of our hard work.
Micro Niche is another giant technique that can be substituted for niche
If technology is a niche, then mobile phone reviews, Android App News and Linux operating system tips are all micro niches. Popular blogs all work as a heap of such micro niches.
To an outside observer, the best way is to create a network of such micro-niches by stabilizing a micro-niche, even if it seems to interfere with every subject. That’s what all the popular blogs do; For that, even experts in every micro niche may have been hired as writers.


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