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Social Media Influencers and the harm they does

Social media of the World wide web can be considered as the third greatest of all networks that is known to mankind, Brain Neural network and the World Wide Web itself will be the first and second. The Social media have grown into such an impactful space such that it could even overthrow a government and make a new one. 

An article on social media influencers
Photo credits : Bianca Ackermann

Social media Influencers are the celebrities on the social media. They could be any person living on earth, regardless of any categorization based on age or gender or other social parameters. These Influencers are the face and voice of the Internet itself. However, there pose some ethical issues regarding the Influence there personnel does onto the society. Let's discuss a few.

Hatred and Love

People can spread love and hatred with the same easiness and same effort. Most of them agree to the fact that spreading love is the best thing to do on any social media. Still a big number of popular voices on the social media forgets their ethical responsibilities regarding their influence while performing on a public space. This creates the havoc which will contradicts their initial ideology of spreading love and instead they could be the carriers of Hatred.

Categories of Hatred

If we try to categorize the ways in which hatred could spread, it would seem to be a never ending list beginning from Skin colour discrimination to Superiority complex. Yes, we have to admit that, these emotions of hatred is not something that most people do with sane mentality and has the mutual effect of society and the surrounding they grew up. Still, the ethics a person has to follow is intact and the honour code should be followed.


Everyone would utter vigorously on peace but most of them never tries to keep it on order everywhere other than in their sentimental advices which is mostly tagged under fake concerns. The United States capitol Encroachment of 2021 is a best example how the previously mentioned hatred and violence can come in order when social Media influencers doesn't follow the code of conduct of morality.


It starts from body shaming and go around and around clinging to the destructive arsenals of homophobia, sexism, abuse, patriarchy, discrimination, casteism, communalism. The biggest threat such shaming from social media influencers pose is towards the younger generation who would intake these ideas without proper thinking and rational judgement. 


The Social media is a pool of content which is very difficult to filter and label which is truth and which are not. The Slightest irresponsibility and smallest mistake could lead a big group of people onto the half truths which will lead them further onto big ideological clashes. Spreading unverified thoughts and concepts which aren't peer-reviewed is biggest scam that science have ever faced since the religious attack on science. From Pseudoscience to Parallel therapies and from Astrology to Immoral proverbs, social media influencers paves the biggest road to negation of truth in this digital era.

Freedom of Expression

Freedom doesn't have a boundary until it becomes Anarchy. Freedom to express and freedom to anything should always make sure that they don't harm something explicitly and otherwise. Exploiting the freedom won't bring anything other than harm. When it comes to the social media influences, they often becomes the beacons of freedom through their right to voice through the respective mediums.Such actions could take many form like whistle blowing to extremism; However, Like any public spokesperson can do, any social media influencer has the same power which shouldn't be exploited.


This article will leave unfinished as it is impossible to comprehend the complete judgement by mere observations. A more sophisticated data analysis could help along with rational open mindedness.

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