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Copywriter job in Kochi, Kerala

Copywriter job in Kochi, Kerala

A technology client is seeking an Employer Branding Copywriter to write cohesive branded content that will be key to establishing the employer's value proposition.This is a remote position. Hire digital welcome candidates from any location. Resumes are to be submitted in English.

Job role : Employer Branding Copywriter


  • Write a unique and authentic employee value proposition that reflects and informs your employer brand.
  • Create feature articles, video scripts, social posts, short-form assets, and marketing copies that will establish the employer's value proposition.
  • Research target audience, to help create employee personas.
  • Write with your personas in mind and use a format that best communicates to the audience you are trying to reach. 


  • Previous digital content writing or editorial roles with a focus on employer branding.
  • Proven work experience creating and editing content for target audiences across all platforms.
  • Able to interview industry experts, and present that information in a way that is concise, and easy to understand.
  • Collaborative skills and ability to drive performance within the team.
  • Ability to work independently and under pressure to deliver project deliverables according to deadlines.
  • Excellent communication skills.

About Hire Digital

Hire Digital is a freelance network of top talents in digital marketing, web development, and design. Our clients work with high-performing teams as well as individual talents who have gone through a rigorous screening process. Clients such as Shopify, Expedia, and Stripe have access to high-performing talents on-demand, with guaranteed performance.

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