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Safari channel careers 2021 - Apply online for Anchors, Assistant Program Producers,writers & other vacancies

1. Motion Graphics Artist

Job Description 

  • Creating and delivering motion graphics for various media
  • Working with art and creative teams to select audio, video, colors, animation, etc. for graphic design
  • Editing video footage and adding effects/elements to enhance motion graphics
  • Staying up to date on the latest graphic design techniques


  • 2 + years experience in design and animate 2D and 3D motion graphics.

2. Art Director

Job description 

  • Generating clear ideas and concepts in tandem with the copywriter.
  • Producing sketches, storyboards, art layouts based on creative visions and ideas.
  • Understanding marketing initiatives, strategic positioning and target audience


  • 2+  years experience.
  • An outstanding organiser with foresight
  • Capable of meticulously finding the right practical solutions to laying out the set and properties.

3. Anchors

Job Description 

  • Interpret and present news stories so that viewers or listeners can better understand them.
  • Interact with reporters while on the air.
  • Conduct live interviews with experts who can provide additional information or opinions.
  • Investigate stories.


  • 2+ years.
  • Willingness or a passion for travel would be an added advantage.
  • Young men and women with pleasing personalities to efficiently anchor riveting programs.

4. Make-up Artists

Job Description 

  • Communicate with clients to understand their needs and wants.
  • Determine necessary supplies and equipment needed.
  • Apply makeup in a professional manner.
  • Pay attention to other details such as costumes and design.


  • 2+ years
  • Thorough professionals that delivers results.

5. Assistant Program Producers

Job Description 

  • Help the marketing team in development of promotional strategies.
  • Coordinates with the studio owners and visual effects artists.


  • 1+ years in visual media. 
  • Freshers can also apply.
  • Intelligently assist program producers while quickly learning to work independently
  • A team-player willing to go the extra mile when called for.

6. Program Producers

Job Description 

  • Hiring staff for the production, such as the director, crew, and, sometimes, the cast.
  • Coordinating the activities of writers, directors, managers, actors, and other personnel throughout the production process.
  • Raising money and setting the budget and size of a production.


  • 3 plus years in visual media
  • Independently handle every aspect of program production efficiently with a commitment to excel. 
  • A responsible team-player and a go-getter.

7. Voice over Artists


  • 2+ years in visual media
  • Penchant for delivering appropriately modulated voice over for Malayalam scripts effectively and quickly.

8. Script Writers


  • 2+ years. 
  • Journalistic skillsets would be an added advantage.
  • Talented writers capable of turning out effective scripts in Malayalam
  • Aptitude for adapting to varying styles of writing and willing to meet deadlines.

9. Cameramen


  • 2+ years. 
  • Experience in visual media would be an added advantage.
  • Skilfully operate television, video, or motion picture cameras for video productions and TV broadcasts.

10. Video Editors


  • 2+ years. 
  • Experience and operating skills with FCP X would be an added advantage. 
  • Freshers can also apply.
  • Experts in delivering intelligently edited, superb quality and ready-to-air videos quickly and efficiently using FCP (Final Cut Pro) workstations.

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